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Paragraphs, paragraphs, paragraphs…


Directions:  Read the following paragraph.  Then complete the directions at the bottom.

There are twelve months in the year.  January may make you think of snow and cold temperatures.  The months of February and March will continue to be cold.  By April, the cold weather has left most seasonal climates and rainy weather has begun.  All of this rainy weather will bring beautiful flowers to the month of May.  June makes celebrations and lazy days, as many students are out of school.  July and August are usually hot, summer months.  September begins to bring cooler temperature and prepare us for October’s autumn season.  November begins a trio of holiday celebrations.  In December, winter officially begins, but we won’t complain, as families gather to celebrate Christmas.  Certainly, the twelve months are very unique.


  • Circle the topic sentence.
  • Underline all of the supporting details.
  • Draw a square around the conclusion sentence.
What is a paragraph – Worksheet 1