Picture Book Scavenger Hunt


Directions:  After reading the book picture that you selected, identify a sentence that starts with each  of the eight parts of speech.  If you cannot find one of the eight parts of speech, rewrite one of the existing sentences to start with that part of speech.

Picture Book Title:  ________________________________


  1. 1.     Noun



  1. 2.     Verb



  1. 3.     Adjective



  1. 4.     Adverb



  1. 5.     Interjection



  1. 6.     Preposition



  1. 7.     Conjunction



  1. 8.     Pronoun



Commas Scavenger Hunt

  • Select a picture book.
  • Read the picture book.
  • Re-read the picture book, trying to find an example for each of the commas uses listed below.  Record the different examples that your find here.
  • If you cannot find an example for one of the comma uses, rewrite one of the original sentences to showcase correct comma usage.





To join two dependent clauses.
To separate a items in a series.
To connect two independent clauses.
To set off an introductory phrase or word.
To set off a parenthetical element.
To separate an interjection.
To separate two or more coordinating adjectives.
To quote or punctuate dialogue.
Picture Books – Worksheet