Day 1:  Introduce what media literacy is, including the five key questions.

Day 2:  Pick out some commercials to show students.  Looking at You tube for best Superbowl commercials is a fast way to find a series of appropriate commercials.  Analyze these commercials using the five questions associated with key literacy.

Day 3:  Have students review the five key questions regarding media literacy.  Then, have students look in magazines and complete the “Analyzing an Advertisement” worksheet.

Day 4:  Assign products for students to plan an advertisement for.  You may want to look online for unique and unusual products, rather than simply having students use common items.  Another possibility is to let them create their own products, but this will make the actual unit of study lengthier.  (Use the Planning Your Advertisement worksheet.)

Day 5:  Have students create their advertisements.

Day 6:  Present advertisements.  Have students vote for their favorite, most persuasive advertisements.

Day 7:  Have students create a commercial for their product.

Day 8:  Present commercials.

Day 9:  Test over media literacy.

Media Literacy Lesson Plans